Self-Help for Your Part-Time Business

Create Your Own Second Income Stream

Oct 01, 2018

With the beginning of the New Year, we are changing the subject matter of the PayDayHawaii blog posts to an extremely exciting topic: How you can use your skills, talents, and knowledge to create a second income. Who doesn’t want greater income? And we are dedicated to helping you succeed. You’ll be reading information and ideas about how you can improve your life by establishing your own small business, nurturing it, and improving it.

Who wants to make more money and work for yourself, all by doing the things you enjoy doing? Sign me up!

The term small business can sound a little scary and ambitious, but rest assured—you can do it! Whether you are an aspiring artist or crafter, have a real talent with cars or repairing things, are good at organizing, or are skilled at computer programs, there is a way you can turn those talents into a revenue stream. Millions of people are already doing it, partly thanks to internet sites like eBay, Etsy, Virtual Assistants, Angie’s List, and more. If you have something to offer, there is sure to be someone who wants to purchase your goods or services.

Our upcoming blogs will feature topics such as:How to evaluate your talents and skills.

How to price your goods or services.
How to get a short-term business loan (more information here).
How to do simple market research.
How to invoice your customers.
What kind of recordkeeping you should do.
How to organize your new business for tax season.
How to think like your customer.
How to attract customers.
How to make a simple, easy-to-use business plan.
Where to sell your products.
Marketplaces for your goods and services.
Funding your start-up business.
And so, so much more!

Just think, you—like so many others—can go from under-employed to creatively fulfilled, with the plus of additional income! You might even build your new business enough to be able to quit your day job.

You might not realize it, but now is the perfect time to start your business. Never before have handmade products and crafts been so wildly popular. And what else do people want now? Services! From car detailing to small repairs, to running errands, to skilled alterations, to internet data research, and more, consumers and businesses are eager to have someone take on tasks that need to be done.

And don’t worry: If you want to refer to one of our previous personal-finance posts, they will all still be available on our blog page here. The articles on budgeting, for example, might prove useful to you in your new adventure.

So get on board! Start thinking about ideas for your own small business (even very small). Identify your skills and talents, make space on your desk—or make a desk area—and get ready. Our next blog post will cover some of the most popular and successful areas of self-employment.