Aloha Loans is 100% Locally Owned & Operated

Established in 1999

We’re 100% locally owned and operated and our local staff is dedicated to offering fast, friendly and easy service. You’ll find a complete menu of money services at all of our offices with all fees prominently posted so there are no hidden surprises. That’s why every payday working families throughout Hawaii count on us to help them manage their cash. We believe in responsible borrowing and welcome all to Aloha Loans.

Aloha Loan’s Six Rights

The Right Services
Provide a complete range of financial and prepaid services and that meet our client’s needs. New, popular, seasonal services and products are prominently displayed and available at all times.
The Right Place
Ensure that our offices are conveniently located, clean, well-lit and open consistent hours. Clients may visit any of our offices anytime to conduct their business.
The Right Attitude
Ensure that our clients are treated with respect and dignity at all times. Respect and safeguard their personal financial information and identity at all times. Ensure our client’s expectations are met.
The Right Time
Recognize that our client’s time is valuable. Expedite every transaction. Explain each transaction clearly and concisely. Respond to mistakes quickly and efficiently.
The Right Value
Offer our clients the best value all the time. Ensure all fees are transparent and clearly stated. Ensure that our clients are made aware of specially priced services and products with timely displays.
The Right Quality
Offer only quality services and related products from vendors with good reputations. Ensure that our clients receive the highest standard of customer service from our vendors.