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What is Aloha Loans MicroCredit?
The best solution to your short-term cash needs.
MicroCredit is available quicker and with less hassle than a traditional loan.
Do you have an unexpected expense? Our MicroCredit service may be just right for you. MicroCredit cash advances at Aloha Loans are easy to apply for and offer quick access to cash much more cheaply than the overdraft fees you would incur if you bounced checks and no damage to your credit rating. Apply for your account today! Once you are approved you can access your MicroCredit account anytime from your computer or mobile device. Have funds deposited to your bank account in minutes.

If you already have a MicroCredit Account, do not reapply. Use the link account button or call (808) 278-2073 or (808) 212-7207.

MicroCredit Terms

You are cashing a personal check for a fee. The fee is 10% + GET on the face amount of the check. If you choose to defer the remittance of your personal check to our bank account beyond 3 days due to insufficient funds, you will be charged an additional NSF fee of 3.33% of the amount you receive. Additionally you will incur a debit card payment processing fee of 2.19% of the amount you receive. The maximum amount of your personal check is $999.99. "Check” means any check, draft or other instrument for the payment of money. PERSONAL CHECKS THAT REMAIN NSF BEYOND 35 DAYS MAY BE SUBJECT TO AN ADDITIONAL PERSONAL CHECK CASHING FEE OF 10%.

Microcredit for Individual
Even the most organized person can have an emergency—a medical crisis, a car repair, or utility bill—and need quick access to cash, or just something to tide them over until payday. We make it easy and convenient for you to solve your cash-flow problems. Consider a short-term cash advance to tide you over and see you through this rough patch.
You can apply for a MicroCredit Cash Advance now, or visit one of our handy and friendly locations throughout the islands.
Personal Finance for Real People
Personal Finance for Real People is meant to be a resource to, well, real people—people like you or me, with common money problems. Problems that you don’t have an answer to—until now! How do you put together a budget? Should you loan money to family and friends? How do you work your way out of debt? You’ll find articles that cover typical personal finance topics in an easy-to-understand way and provide you with the additional resources you need including worksheets and website links.

Personal Finance for Real People is free to use. Free to Print. Free to share with family and friends. We suggest saving the widget on your smart phone or mobile device. Financial resources available to you anytime, anywhere 24/7.